2018 Fathers Day

CONGRATULATIONS YEAR THREE, Mrs Otazu and Mrs Asaad for a SPECTACULAR Fathers' Day prayer and assembly and for all your hard work in preparing this with your Year 3 children!

The prayer celebration truly honoured and acknowledged the importance of God our heavenly Father, the love and support of our own fathers, grandfathers and father figures, and the great influences they are in our lives. This was beautifully highlighted through the children's re-enactment of the Gospel of the Prodigal Son. The talents and energy of Year 3 were expressed wonderfully through their reading, writing, singing and superb acting!

The children's stories about their dads were AMAZING! The humour displayed throughout their fabulous song, along with the many props the students created had everyone engaged and laughing! I'm sure the Dads and families in the audience thoroughly enjoyed the assembly and I think some even shed a tear during the beautiful slideshow of photos. 

Another WONDERFUL SJV's community event which began with a sumptuous BBQ breakfast prepared by our hard-working P&F and parent volunteers and Mrs Smith.

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