Vision & Mission

At St John Vianney's we share in the mission of Christ. Our school is a place where Christian values and beliefs permeate, resulting in a climate where every child feels safe, secure, accepted and loved.

We belong to a Catholic community which is enriched and enlivened by its long history and tradition. This enables us to provide a spirit of welcome and acceptance to all, and allows us to uphold the dignity and worth of each person.

The curriculum offered at the school reflects our belief that life experiences must be acknowledged as we endeavour to meet each student's needs. Our teaching is a witness to the Gospel message, and the students are encouraged to reach their full potential and become independent and responsible learners.




Our Core Beliefs

At St John Vianney's Our students are provided with learning experiences that empower them to be responsible, reflective and independent lifelong learners. They do this in a safe environment, where the use of technology is integrated into classroom practice. We believe that effective learning:

  • is profoundly influenced by the quality of relationships existing amongst children, teachers and parents
  • occurs when teachers respond to individual differences amongst children, and employ a flexible range of teaching strategies
  • is enhanced when children experience success
  • is enhanced when children take responsibility for their own learning
  • is supported by high and realistic expectations
  • is fostered by the critical reflection of both teachers and learners
  • is facilitated when supported by appropriate resources – both human and material
  • needs an environment that is safe, nurturing and stimulating
  • is meaningful and relevant
  • is most likely to occur in the context of a community where values, understandings and hopes are shared.

Our Goals

Our current goal is centred around faith.

We believe our Catholic values and beliefs permeate all aspects of school life. We do this by:

  • enhancing and strengthening our Catholic tradition based on Gospel values, using the life of Jesus as our model
  • building upon the faith community through the unity of parish and school

Valuing contribution

We value the contribution of each member of our school community by:

  • maintaining and strengthening communication, which fosters participation in the decision-making and education process
  • allocating resources to enable effective learning and the provision of an attractive and safe environment
  • ensuring the maintenance of the highest standards of teaching through on-going professional development





Pastoral Development and Support

We share the mission of Christ in providing opportunities for all students to reach their full potential. We do this by:

  • providing a safe, secure and caring environment where Catholic values and beliefs permeate, and where a spirit of welcome prevails
  • continuing to recognise, promote and enhance the individual worth of each student
  • providing a school climate that encourages socially acceptable behaviour and attitudes based on Catholic values
  • developing qualities in the students which will enable them to make informed decisions about the world and their role in it – decisions consistent with Catholic values
  • upholding the dignity of each person so the values of justice, understanding, acceptance and support are nurtured in our relationships with each other

Teaching an effective curriculum

Our dedicated and innovative staff work diligently to ensure that the teaching curriculum is relevant and appropriate for members of our future society. We do this by:

  • providing students the opportunity for success and self-worth through the provision of a broad and comprehensive curriculum
  • using teaching practices that are reflective of the philosophy of each Key Learning Area
  • providing a learning environment which allows students to enhance their special gifts and interests

Our parents

We believe in the full involvement of parents in the life of the school, enabling the development of strong links and bonds between home and school. We do this by:

  • being aware of and sensitive to the needs of our parent community and offering pastoral support as far as we are able
  • exploring options to maintain and strengthen the practical involvement and contributions of parents to the life of the school community
  • providing the opportunity for parents to voice their needs through the school’s parent body