Support Programs

At St John Vianney's Primary we endeavour to support each child to become the best person - spiritually, academically and emotionally - that they can be.

The Learning Support department focuses on providing support to students who are experiencing learning difficulty. The learning support teacher and teachers’ assistants liaise and work closely with the classroom teachers to provide targeted support for students with special needs.

The school has three learning support teachers who work collaboratively with classroom teachers. The school also has a Reading Recovery teacher and two Extending Mathematical Understanding (EMU) specialist teachers who support reading and mathematics in Year 1.




Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is an integral aspect of the school environment and touches all members of the school community. At St John Vianney's, we believe that pastoral care:

  • reflects the Catholic ethos of individuals caring for and respecting each other

  • supports a school culture where a warm, friendly environment prevails which is the foundation for a community in which our students can fully develop in every aspect, and enjoy a happy, challenging education

  • is founded on a structure where teachers and other professionals are responsible for the wellbeing of the students in the school

  • enables positive relationships to be established between members of the school community

  • provides mutual support for staff, students and parents.

Encouraging Positive Behaviour

The staff of St John Vianney’s encourages and affirms positive behaviour in students. 

Throughout the school day many opportunities arise for recognising a student’s efforts in the classroom or on the playground.

This is evident in our school through:

  • awards at merit assemblies
  • positive comments on students’ work
  • sharing quality work with another class
  • affirmation of effort
  • smiling
  • affirming and encouraging comments
  • Principal commendation of special work
  • displaying students’ work
  • praise from other student/teachers
  • newsletter recognition
  • academic competition trophies
  • recognition of joyful events in students’ lives, e.g. new baby, reception of sacraments
  • Student of the Term assembly
  • recognition of students’ birthdays
  • merit certificates awarded in class
  • stamps and stickers
  • buddy system to assist new students
  • Student Council
  • verbal praise
  • taking work home to show parents
  • sending positive messages home
  • library displays
  • sharing work at assemblies
  • morning assembly trophies
  • Fr John O'Neill Clear Speaking awards
  • Fr John O'Neill Religion awards
  • addressing students by their first name