At St John Vianney’s, the students are provided with learning experiences and engaging activities that enhance their learning potential.

We share the mission of Christ where Gospel values and beliefs are evident in our daily school life. Students are empowered to become lifelong learners in a safe, secure and caring environment.

The students at St John Vianney's study the six key learning areas as required by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA). In addition, all students study Religious Education.

Curriculum English


English is central to students’ intellectual, social and emotional development. It is essential for learning in all aspects of the curriculum.

English is made up of the strands of:

  • Reading and Viewing
  • Writing and Representing
  • Speaking and Listening.

Every grade has an ‘Uninterrupted Literacy Block’. The school is very well resourced to cater for varying literacy abilities, and we regularly update our stocks of literacy resources.


Curriculum Maths


The study of Mathematics provides opportunities for students to learn to describe and apply patterns and relationships; reason, predict and solve problems; calculate accurately both mentally and in written form; estimate and measure; and interpret and communicate information presented in various forms. The importance of concrete materials to aid mathematical understanding is vital, and we support this by regularly updating our ‘hands on’ resources.

The essential content for Mathematics is structured using one process strand:

  • Working Mathematically

There are five content strands:

  • Number
  • Patterns and Algebra
  • Measurement and Data
  • Space and Geometry


Curriculum HSIE


The students of St John Vianney’s are provided with experiences and engaging activities that assist in their learning about the world and their place in it. In every Stage, students study units of work that investigate change and continuity, cultures, environments, and social systems and structures.


Curriculum Science

Science and Technology

The study of Science and Technology at St John Vianney’s provides the students with the opportunity to learn about natural and man-made environments, while investigating, designing, making and using technology.

Students are involved in the investigative process through a variety of hands-on and problem solving activities which develop their knowledge and understanding of the content strands. 

  • Designing and Making
  • Investigating Scientifically
  • The Made Environment
  • The Natural Environment


Curriculum PDHPE


Personal Development, Health and Physical Education is a Key Learning Area that assists students at St John Vianney’s to develop self-esteem, social responsibility, personal fitness and the ability to make informed decisions about health, safety and lifestyle.

Students are involved in a range of activities such as:

  • weekly physical education lessons
  • swimming, athletics and cross country carnivals
  • opportunities to trial for diocesan representative teams
  • representation at zone, diocesan and inter-diocesan levels
  • visits from the Life Education Centre
  • visiting shows which support our Feel Safe Policy
  • presentations from sporting organisations, e.g. Little Athletics, Australian Football League, NSW Cricket
  • skills clinics
  • the Protective Behaviours Program.


Curriculum Creative

Creative Arts

Students at St John Vianney’s are offered opportunities to gain an increasing understanding and accomplishment across a range of creative arts. Varied experiences are provided in the following ways:

  • weekly music lessons
  • drama lessons for senior students
  • junior and senior choirs
  • eisteddfod competitions
  • Australian Youth Choir auditions
  • Creative Arts Festival
  • Operation Art Competition
  • Musica Viva presentations
  • theatre experiences.