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Students have a voice in federal election

Eligible students are encouraged to vote for their future
Eligible students are encouraged to vote for their future

 Catholic Education Diocese of Parramatta is encouraging eligible students to have a say in their future and Australian policy making by enrolling to vote for the upcoming election on 7 September.

Executive director of schools, Greg Whitby, said young people have an important role to play in Australian politics and their vote helps to shape education, training and their future job prospects.

‘Many of our Year 12 students have already turned 18 and this is a great opportunity for teachers and parents to encourage them to have a voice and help shape the political agenda,’ said Greg. ‘Education is one of the key electoral issues facing Australians and our young people who are in their final year of schooling have a lot to contribute to this conversation.’

Australian citizens are required to vote by law from 18 years and above.

To enrol for the first time, enrol online before 8pm Monday 12 August at

Students are encouraged to visit Catholic Education’s school funding blog or the Sydney Morning Herald website and the ABC’s Australia Votes website for information on the policies of the major political parties.


Posted By Ben Fuller at 7/08/2013 12:28:56 PM

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